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For those who are vacationing or have been assigned to the Toronto area for an extended period of time, choosing short term furnished apartments in Mississauga, a close suburb of Toronto offers many advantages over a hotel room. Maplewood Suites in Mississauga offers plenty of advantages in terms of financial, convenience and practicality that makes them the better choice over hotel rooms.

What follows are the reasons why you should consider extended stay Mississauga furnished apartments when staying a month or longer in the Mississauga, Toronto area.

Pic1Cheaper Rates

Essentially, the longer you have to stay, the more it makes sense to use furnished apartments Mississauga area because the overall rates will be lower over time. Standard hotels are only designed for short term stays of a week or less and even extended stay hotels have set weekly rates that will be higher in the long run compared to short term furnished apartments Mississauga area offers.


More Space

Generally speaking, furnished suites Mississauga apartments offer more room and more importantly, separate rooms which help you feel more at home. Over time, having this extra space can make a big difference in how comfortable you are while staying in the Mississauga, Toronto area.


Fewer Expenses

Even in extended stay hotels, you are paying for a lot of your expenses out of pocket, including phone calls, internet and cable TV usage and even the parking must be paid for at some hotels. Compare that to a furnished apartment where everything is covered under one bill. This way, you can keep track and control your expenses better. This is especially true for those who are sent by their company and are charging their corporation for the expenses.



While some extended stay hotels may have a microwave, they don’t have a stove in case you want to prepare a proper meal. While some hotels have cheap internet connections, others want you to use their computers in which they charge a fee. Plus, these computers can be located well away from your room, which makes it very inconvenient to get things done.


Special Conveniences & Considerations

The Mississauga Corporate and Executive apartments offer a variety of advantages for the corporate traveler starting with furnishings that are provided especially for them. There are solid internet connections and desks where work can be done, away from the job site or office. Here, you get exactly what is needed for you to complete your work. Plus, the noise factor is generally far less in furnished apartments than hotels where people are constantly moving in and out.


Overall, choosing a furnished apartments means getting far more benefits than a hotel. For those who are going to be staying in the Toronto area, Maplewood Suites offers fully furnished apartments with long term rates and expenses that are considerably less than hotels and feature more conveniences to meet your needs.



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