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Terms & Conditions

Terms Constitute A Binding Contract Between The Tenant And The Lessor/Maplewood Suites.

USE: The Tenant and Landlord agree that unless otherwise agreed to herein, only the Tenant(s) named above will occupy the premises. Premises to be used only for: RESIDENTIAL USE.

UTILITIES: (included in the rent amount) GAS (Heat), HYDRO (Electricity), WATER, CABLE TV, INTERNET, TELEPHONE SERVICE (with in Canada and the USA)

PARKING: Tenant shall have exclusive use of one (1) parking spot as designated by the landlord. Tenant shall not assign or sublet the rented premises, parking spot and/or locker during the lease term. In the unlikely event that the Landlord may have to change the parking spot of the Tenant, the tenant agrees to co-operate and accept the newly assigned parking spot.

INSURANCE: Tenant agrees to obtain and maintain throughout the term of the lease and any extension thereof, a valid insurance policy of which, coverage shall include the Tenant’s contents and liability insurance. Tenant acknowledges the Landlord’s insurance on the premises provides NO COVERAGE to Tenants personal property.

CONDOMINIUM BY-LAWS AND RULES: Tenant agrees to comply with all the By-Laws of the Condominium Corporation and agrees not to do or cause anything, which may be disturbing to other residents of the complex. Tenant is responsible for themselves and or any guest while using any of the facilities and or common areas of the condominium including and not limited to the: Parking Garage, Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna, Gym, Media Room, Party Room, Games Room, Elevators, and lobby. In the event that the Tenant and/or their guest cause any damage to the common areas, the Tenant shall be responsible to pay for all damages. The Landlord shall not be held responsible for any damage to the Tenants vehicle and or guest’s vehicle while on the property and/or in the Parking garage or any other parking areas.

LANDLORDS RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Landlord shall pay PROPERTY TAXES, CONDOMINIUM FEES, HYDRO, WATER, GAS, INTERNET, CABLE AND INSURANCE. Tenant acknowledges the Landlord’s fire insurance on the premises provides NO coverage on Tenants personal property.

LANDLORDS RIGHT TO ENTER THE UNIT: In the case of an emergency, the Landlord and/or his representatives shall have the right to enter the property without prior notice to the Tenant. The Landlord shall notify the tenant after the emergency has been rectified at the Landlords earliest convince. Tenant agrees to allow Landlord and or his representative to enter into the unit for regular inspections, provided that the Landlord gives 24hr notice to the tenant. The Tenant Agrees to allow the Landlord to enter and show the unit to future and/or prospective clients, provided that the Landlord gives 24hr notice to the Tenant. All showings shall be scheduled between 9am and 8pm unless otherwise agreed upon. The Tenant agrees to keep the unit in a neat and tidy condition before and during all showings.

TENANT’S RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Tenant agrees that no objectionable and/or illegal activity takes place on or in the property and unit at any time. Tenant will also ensure that other residents in the building are not disturbed by any of their acts Tenant agrees to maintain and clean the unit on a regular basis.

GUESTS: The Tenant and Landlord agree that only the Tenant listed in this Agreement to Lease will occupy the premises. Tenant agrees to have no more than 2 guests in the unit at any time, unless authorized by the Landlord in advance. Tenant agrees to have no more than 1 guest sleep over at night, unless authorized by the landlord. Any guest staying more than 1 night shall be registered with the Landlord and a copy of their identification given to the landlord. The Landlord shall have the right to refuse any guest. Tenant agrees to assume all responsibilities for any guest in or on the property at all times. Tenant shall not hold the Landlord responsible for any loss or damage to the Tenant’s and/or guest’s personal property.

CLEANING: The Landlord agrees to have the premises cleaned before commencement of this lease. The Tenant agrees to keep the premises in a neat and orderly state at all times. The Tenant agrees to clean the unit on a regular basis. Should the tenant require professional cleaning services, the tenant is to arrange a schedule with a Maplewood Suites representative. Cleaning services are not included in this agreement and are an extra charge.

CONSUMABLES: The Landlord shall provide basic consumables at the start of the term. The Tenant is responsible for his/her own consumables thereafter. Consumables include: toilet paper, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, soap, etc.

INTERNET: The Landlord shall provide HIGH SPEED WIRELESS INTERNET. In the case that the tenant may require a higher level of service, the tenant shall pay the difference. The tenant is responsible for any other additional charges due to overages and or service upgrades. Tenant agrees that the use of the wireless internet is for lawful use/purpose only. The Internet access is limited to normal private residential use and is not intended for commercial use. The Landlord is not responsible if the Internet service is interrupted or not working. Internet downtime will NOT be deducted from the rent.

CABLE/TELEVISION: Landlord shall provide BASIC DIGITALTELEVISION CABLE service. In the case that the tenant may require a higher grade of service, the tenant shall pay the difference of the cost for the existing service to the new service requested. The tenant is responsible for any other additional charges. The Landlord is not responsible if the cable television service is interrupted or not working. Cable/Television downtime will NOT be deducted from the rent.

FURNISHINGS AND APPLIANCES: The Tenant shall be responsible for all the furnishings and appliances in the unit. Should any of the furnishings or appliance be damaged, lost or stolen, the tenant shall be responsible for all costs associated in replacing the item(s). The following appliances belong to the Landlord and are to remain on the premises for the Tenant’s use: refrigerator, stove, built-in microwave, built-in dishwasher, stacked washer & dryer all existing light fixtures and window coverings. Landlord represents and warrants that the appliances as listed in this Agreement to Lease will be in good working order at the commencement of the lease term. Tenant agrees to maintain the said appliances in a state cleanliness and good working order at the Tenants cost. All Furnishings are to remain the property of the Landlord and shall not be removed from the unit at any time.

KEYS AND KEY FOBS: The Landlord shall provide to the Tenant 1 Key to the Unit and 1 Key Fob. Each additional set of KEY and KEY FOB will require a $200 Deposit paid by the Tenant to the Landlord. The Tenant shall NOT make any copies and or duplicates of the keys and or key fobs. All keys and key fobs are to be returned to the Landlord at the end of the term.

SMOKING:SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED: In the unit and or on the property. The Tenant will ensure that the condo unit remains free of smoke contamination. In case of smoke contamination within the units, a penalty of $2,000.00 will be charged and paid immediately by the Tenant. Charges for extra ordinary cleaning due to misuse of the facilities may also apply.

ALL PETS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED UNLESS APPROVED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL: In the case that a Pet and/or Animal is brought into the Unit without management’s approval, the tenant shall be charged a sum of $1,000.00 to have the unit deep cleaned and fumigated.

CANCELLATION OF LEASE PRIOR TO COMMENCEMENT: A Security Deposit of $500.00 is required at time of reservation. This Security Deposit is held until the end of the lease.

EARLY TERMINATION OF LEASE: Should the tenant require terminating the lease earlier then set out in this Lease agreement, the tenant agrees to provide 30 (Thirty) Days’ Notice in writing to the Landlord.

EXTENSION OF THE LEASE: The Tenant agrees to give the Landlord at least 30 Day written notice if the tenant would like to extend the stay longer then the term of the Lease. The Landlord reserves the right to not allow for an extension of the lease. The Tenant agrees that any extra days after the term of this Lease will be charged at a prorated daily rate. (Monthly Rent divided by 30 days)

1. Check-in time is at 3:00 pm on the arrival date.
2. Check-out time is 11:00 am on the departure date.